Breaking Bad


It took me forever, but I finally finished watching the last episodes of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix.


I have seen many a show over the course of my lifetime, especially in the years since I have been here at home all day with plenty of time to actually watch TV, and that is without a doubt, the BEST FREAKING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Seinfeld, move down, you have been bumped off your pedestal.

Whereas a show like Seinfeld was great and is an all-time classic, it did have quite a few episodes that were duds and that did not live up to the quality of most of the other episodes. (Take the finale for example)

Breaking Bad, on the other hand, was like a runaway freight train. It just kept barreling along, picking up speed, getting better and better with each twist and turn. I cannot count how many episodes had me mouthing the words “OH MY GOOOODDD!!!!” at 2AM in the morning as I lay in bed watching on my Ipad.

Just when you thought it could not produce a more shocking twist, the next episode would again have me wide-eyed while silently screaming “OH!!! MY!!! GOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!”

Everything about the show was excellent.

The show was perfectly cast and had the best performances in a drama that I have ever seen.

I still cannot believe that bumbling “Hal” from Malcolm in the Middle………… could be a believable ruthless killer.

I am still speechless.

It bums the hell out of me that I will not see any more of Walt, Jesse, and everyone else on the show.

D’Aun has never seen the show.

I told her that she is going to watch it this summer.

I can’t wait to watch it again with her.

I can’t wait till the first time I have to stick a sock in my mouth so I don’t call out “OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!!” when those parts are about to happen.

What an awesome show!

The best series EVER!!



  1. I agree: I felt bereft when the series finished, I wanted to know what happens for the rest of their lives . Have you noted that a spin off is on the cards with Saul the lawyer taking the lead?


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